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Phils win 20-2, because of Kyle Kendrick

20-2. Yea yea, the Phillies scored 20 runs for the second time this season, the first time they’ve done that since 1900. But the bigger story is Kyle Kendrick. Everyone knows the Phillies are going to score runs – they’re 1 run behind the Cubs for the season (Cubs have 374 in 68 games, Phillies 373 in 69 games). They’re going to overtake Chicago in that category, it’s only a matter of time.

So get over the back to back to back homers from Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, and Pat Burrell. Get over the 9 run 4th inning and Ryan Howard‘s second homer. The real story of this game is Kyle Kendrick, who went 7 innings and allowed only 1 earned run, a Skip Schumaker homer.

The game marked Kendrick’s one year anniversary with the Phils since being called up from AA Reading on June 12 of last year. In that span Kendrick has gone 16-6 over 34 games. By winning pct, he has been great at .727. By ERA, not spectacular at 4.13. Nor by WHIP, a so-so 1.35. Nonetheless, Kendrick eats innings and has the best run support in the league since coming up a year ago. Kendrick averages almost 6 innings per start and the team averages a whopping 8.14 runs per 9 innings when he’s on the mound. Wow?

Kendrick is no Cole Hamels (who, by the way, has weak run support at 5.25 per 9 innings). But Hamels is is an ace. Kendrick is a back of the rotation starter, with a knack for for being in the right place at the right time. He struggled early this season, but the Phillies are 10-1 in his last 11 starts, and 11-3 in all of his starts this season.

For some, unexplained reason, the Phillies produce for the 23 year old. Perhaps the reason is that Kendrick isn’t Cole Hamels. And, maybe that explains Hamels’ poor run support too – because he is who he is.

Kyle Kendrick, a role player, does exactly what is asked of him. This Phillies offense will carry just about anyone who gives them a chance to win (except Cole Hamels), and that’s exactly what Kyle Kendrick does. The best part of it all? Kendrick is still young, a year younger than Hamels (24).

Last season Kyle Kendrick helped lead the Phillies to the playoffs, doing exactly what was asked of him. 14 starts into this season, Kendrick is doing exactly the same thing.

-Greg Berlin


*Ahhhhhhhhh* – Phils take out frustration on Astros

Yes, I did think the Phillies would win today. No, I didn’t think Cole Hamels‘ start would yield a 15-6 shellacking. But, after bombs from Geoff Jenkins, Pat Burrell, and Chase Utley, that is exactly what happened. Hamels was off his game today. I’d like to blame the umps delay in the middle of Carlos Lee‘s soon to be three-run jack at bat, but that would be a little too homerish. Hamels simply didn’t pitch well. He seemed constantly behind batters, had a high pitch count early, and his ball to strike ratio was poor compared to usual (85-49 PC-ST). 6 earned runs in 4 innings. Unexpected after a scoreless streak of 19 straight innings. I’m not worried, however. These games happen to the best of them.

Not strong on the mound, Hamels was 2 for 2 at the plate with a run scored and an RBI. Go figure. Well, actually, Hamels is hitting .345 on the season (damn!). Hamels RBI hit came in the 4th, making it 5-4 Astros. Michael Bourn added one in the bottom half of the inning, and the game remained extremely frustrating through the 5th.

Come the top of the 6th, the Phils ripped off the chains of frustration that have held them back the last 2 games. 5 runs in the 6th and then 6 in the 7th. Final score, 15-6. In short, did not see that coming.

A couple points of intrigue concerning Charlie Manuel: 1) WHY OH WHY is Carlos Ruiz bunting up 4 runs? Ruiz stuck out on a foul bunt. 2) WHY OH WHY is “SlowTaguchi pinch running for Pat Burrell? Charlie has got to stop with this. It was the 7th innning and the Phils only had a 2 run lead at that point. I don’t get it. Taguchi ended up waltzing home. Certainly Burrell could’ve done the same. Oh, Cholly.

I’m back to DC tomorrow. Phils are off to Colorado to try to finally win a game against the Rockies, six 7 months late.

By the way, I am not going to miss the Astros. They are an extremely pesky team. Also, that stupid train is only cool until it’s tooting after a Carlos Lee home run.

-Greg Berlin

Houston telegram

The Beast lives, in Houston.

An interesting place down here – perhaps more interesting if the Phils were able to pull off the win last night. Luckily, the Beast was not in attendance just yet. That’s for tonight and tomorrow, my second consecutive Brett Myers and Cole Hamels starts. Perhaps this time it will be 2 for 2. Taking 3/4 from the Astros would make for a rather successful trip to the Lone Star state.

Off to the pool.

Chase Utley is already at the park.

-Greg Berlin

Beast goes to Houston

I’ll be in Houston this weekend watching the Phils take on the Astros.  I get to see Brett Myers take on Brian Moehler Saturday night and Cole Hamels take on Chris Sampson on Sunday afternoon.  I’ll be updating throughout the weekend and I’ll be sure to post pics of the Phils in Texas.

As for tonight:  Kyle Kendrick takes on Roy Oswalt in the first of a four game set.  Kendrick is coming off a virtual non-start in the rain-delayed game against the Blue Jays on Sunday.  Kendrick ended up only pitching 1 inning because of the break in action.  In his start before, however, he went 6 innings, allowing only 3 run.  The Phillies have won six of nine starts with Kendrick on the mound.

Who knows what we’ll see from the Phillies bats this weekend.  All I know is that Lance Berkman scares th *&^% out of me.

-Greg Berlin

Postgame: Phillies 1 – Nats 0 [BEAST-OFF]

NL Beast bloggers attended the game tonight, and what a great game it was. It didn’t have a ton of lead changes or great plays in the field; it was just a good old fashion pitchers’ duel.

Jason Bergmann pitched excellently. 7 innings, 5 hits, 5 strikeouts and 3 walks. The Phillies lineup couldn’t get to him and they remained cold after last night’s shutout. Bergmann has gone 7 innings and let up no runs in both of his last two starts. In his last game start ago against the Mets he picked up a win in a 1-0 decision. Tonight, he would not be able to secure the W.

Cole Hamels owned the night. 7 inings, 4 hits, 2 walks, and 11 strikeouts. Few times throughout the night did Hamels look shaky. When he did get in a jam, he calmly pitched his way out. There’s little else to say except that he now has 19 straight scoreless innings. His ERA is down to 2.69 and his WHIP is now at 1.02. He didn’t pick up the win, but he is coming into his own after a somewhat slow start. No longer does he have the one or two tough innings early in the game. Right now for Hamels, it’s lights out from the start. The only question is whether he’ll go 7, 8, or 9 innings.

After Tom Gordon got the job done for Phils in the bottom of the 8th, John Rauch came in for the Nats to try to keep the game scoreless. Pedro Feliz led off with a double, and then was pinch-ran for by Eric Bruntlett. Why, I ask? Is Bruntlett that much faster than Feliz? Feliz certainly is better in the field. Carlos Ruiz laid down a fabulous sacrifice to move Bruntlett to third and Greg Dobbs followed with the lone RBI of the night, a single to center. Dobbs was thrown out on the next play when Shane Victorino flied out to center. From where we were sitting Dobbs looked clearly safe, but it was a good relay and Charlie Manuel, standing right there, did not argue the call.

One run is all the Phillies would need. Despite a good effort by the Nats in the 9th, they could not get past Brad Lidge. A great pitching outing for both teams. Unfortunately both Bergmann and Hamels did not receive a win. They both deserved one.

-Greg Berlin

Pregame: Nationals vs. Phillies [BEAST-OFF]

The Game: Washington Nationals (20-26) vs. Philadelphia Phillies (24-22)

The Matchup: Jason Bergmann (1-1, 7.45, 21/4 K/BB, 1.40 WHIP) vs. Cole Hamels (5-3, 2.89, 54/19 K/BB, 1.04 WHIP)

The Story: The Phillies looking to break a three game losing streak, while the Nats look to create one of their own.  Unfortunately for the Nats, they’ll be facing Phillies stud lefty Cole Hamels. Hamels is coming off his best game of the year, a complete game shutout at home against the Braves.  For the Nationals, Jason Bergmann will try to notch his second win in a row since being recalled from the minors.

The Phillies have fallen to 4th place in the division after going 4-7 in their last 11.  The Nationals remain in last.

Stat of the Day: The Nationals are 11-11 at home, the Phillies are 11-11 on the road.  Both teams have played 46 games this season, 5 more than the Mets at the start of the day, and 4 more then the Mets after their loss to the Braves earlier today.  The Braves have now played 44 games, and the Marlins 43.

-Greg Berlin

Phillies Beast (and least) of the Week

Beast: I was torn, but decided to go with Jayson Werth over Ryan Howard. A three homer game can’t be looked over. Not too mention a total of 12 RBIs on the week. Not too shabby.

Runners Up: Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels, Chris Coste

Least: We’ll count last night, just because. It’s Brett Myers. A 8 run, 6 earned outing followed by last night’s lackluster 3 ER performance. This is a really a Least award building over the season. We get it Brett, you don’t want to be a starter. But for now, you have to find a way to contribute to this team every fifth day.

Runners Down: So Taguchi, Ryan Madson

-Greg Berlin