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Grandpa goes phishing

Jamie Moyer 9-0 against he the Marlins.

I don’t how to describe him anymore – old, wise, crafty. All cliches. Let’s just say: 8 innings, 2 hits, 3 strikeouts, 1 walk. And a no-hitter into the 6th. Moyer has 237 career wins. I don’t think he’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer, but I bet he makes it in eventually. He’s a great guy, and I think he deserves it. Never underestimate a player’s personality and how that affects voters.

The Phils offense just wasn’t getting the breaks against he Marlins. 22 men left on base last night! 12 on Wednesday and 14 on Tuesday. Considering the explosion they had the week before, I’ll let it slide. But I hate streaky teams. Consistency is key to success. Explosive or anemic won’t take you very far.

Scott Olsen pitched great for the Marlins. But his best play of the night was probably breaking up Moyer’s no-no with a liner off of Chase Utley‘s glove.

Brad Lidge pitched a much more Lidge-like save, only letting one man on base. Make that 18/18. What’s that Billy?

-Greg Berlin


Phils go phishing at cbp

The Phillies want first place.  They’re going to have to get it tonight against the Marlins.  Jamie Moyer tries to win the fifth straight for the Phils and continue his strong 45 year old season.  Mark Hendrickson tries to take his surprising season one more game against a blazing Phillies lineup.

It’s the bottom of the lineup truly carrying the Phils though.  Pedro Feliz, Geoff Jenkins, and even Carlos Ruiz (and of course Chris Coste) are contributing.  Time to take it into June.

-Greg Berlin

Major “doo-dooing” in Houston

Brett Myers lived up to his words tonight. He threw “doo-doo” like usual. 6 innings, 4 ER, 8 hits, 4 BB, 2 SO. Something needs to happen. I don’t care if it’s a trip to the phantom DL or a stint in the minors or a trade. This can’t continue. The Phillies are not going to compete for the division with Jamie Moyer as our second best pitcher. Myers is losing trade value daily. He’s still most attractive as a closer, and many teams could use him.

Ryan Howard is a Beast. He moon shot to right-center propelled the Phils to a 3-2 lead in the 3rd. But Myers couldn’t hold back the ‘stros. Carlos Lee‘s second RBI hit of the night (3 total) tied the game in the bottom of the 5th and Mark Loretta‘s single in the bottom of the 6th gave the Astros the lead. That would be all for the night for both teams.

In the 9th, the Phillies squandered a great opportunity to tie the game – for the second night in a row. Tonight, with the bases loaded and one out, Shane Victorino hit a shallow fly ball to left. Pedro Feliz was sent after the catch. A perfect throw by Darren Erstad completed the double play and ended the game (upon which point I promptly stormed out of the stadium.)

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Postgame: Phillies 12 – Nationals 2 [BEAST-OFF]

What a game last night. The Phils blogosphere was bashing Ryan Howard unendingly yesterday. I didn’t think the verbal punishment was necessary, and last night Howard stood up for me. He went 3/5, he two homers and a double, and knocked in four. Howard is now hitting .269 for the week with 4 dingers and 8 RBIs. Those are the kind of numbers to expect out of the big man. Last week I said Howard was back. I’m sticking by words.

Jamie Moyer continued to defy reality last night. He pitched 6 innings and allowed no runs and 7 hits. Cole Condrey contributed with a 3 inning save. But the pitching wouldn’t even matter last night. Evidently, the team decided they were sick of all the talk of slumps and followed Howard’s lead. Shane Victorino and Pedro Feliz combined for 3 hits a piece, and Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, and Chris Coste all had two hits. Pat Burrell didn’t get the memo, he was O for 4.

Oh, the Nats? Matt Chico was out after 5. He only let up 4 of the runs. Jesus Colome was put in to endure a beating of his own. He let up 6 earned runs in the 6th inning. Chris Schroder let up two himself in relief of Colome.

-Greg Berlin

Postgame: Werth 8 – Bluejays 3

(AP Photo,H. Rumph Jr.)

Ok, the real score was Phils 10, Jays 3. But the point remains, Jayson Werth was out of hand last night. 3 home runs, including a salami, totaling for 8 RBIs on the night. Hasn’t been done for the Phils since Mike Schmidt did so in a 10 inning game against the Cubs in 1976. A historic game for Schmidt, he bested Werth with 4 home runs in that match up.

Jamie Moyer was not too bad himself. After a shaky performance in his last start, Moyer went 6.2 innings, letting up only 3 earned runs, striking out 5, while allowing 7 hits. Moyer tends to be hit or miss this year. When he’s on, he grabs the 45 year old still has it headline; when he’s off, people call for his retirement. Still, it seems about 2/3 of his starts earn him a place on the roster. He just should not be the third starter.

FTR, Ryan Howard continued his hitting streak, now at eight games with an RBI single. He’s hitting .318 over the last week with an OPS of 1.239.

Up tonight, Adam Eaton (0-1, 5.40, fingers crossed) vs. AJ Burnett (3-4, 4.94). The Phils are looking for their third win in a row.

-Greg Berlin

Phillies Pregame – 5/10, 4:05 pm EDT

The Game: San Francisco Giants (14-22) vs. Philadelphia Phillies (21-16)

The Matchup: Tim Lincecum (4-1, 1.49, 45/17 K/BB, 1.37 WHIP) vs. Jamie Moyer (2-2, 4.45, 17/10 K/BB, 1.59 WHIP)

The Story: Old versus new again for Jamie Moyer. The 45 year-old faces off against Tim Lincecum, only 23. Never mind the fact that Moyer is almost twice the age of his opponent, he’s pitched phenomenally against his expectations this year. Moyer is coming off his best start of the season: 7 innings, 5 strike outs, no walks, and only 2 earned runs. And he did that against the Diamondbacks, one of the hottest lineups in the league. The Giants have lost the last two Lincecum starts, after winning his first five outings. He outpitched Cole Hamels last week in Philadelphia, but the Giants pen was not able to hold it together.

Jimmy Rollins leads the way for the Phils. With three RBIs and three hits last night in his first game back from the DL, the Phillies hope his spark is contagious. Pat Burrell is hitting only .158 in the last week, and Chase Utley is not doing much better at .200. Yet, with good starting pitching and great relief, the Phillies are finding a way to win games. That’s certainly a mark of a winner. When you’re hot, everything just seems to go your way.

But it’s not all by chance that the Phils are winning despite the anemic performance of their stars. While Utley and Burrell struggle, Carlos Ruiz is hitting .350, Pedro Feliz is hitting .400, and Eric Bruntlett is hitting .308. Everyone on this team is contributing (sans Ryan Howard).

Stat of the Day: Pat Burrell’s BB/K ratio is 1.03 (30/29). That’s the best on the team, but good enough for only 17th in the NL. Albert Pujols leads the category with a ratio of 2.92 (35/12).

Rollins (SS)
Victorino (CF)
Utley (2B)
Howard (1B)
Burrell (LF)
Jenkins (RF)
Feliz (3B)
Ruiz (C)
Moyer (P)

Lewis (LF)
Vizquel (SS)
Winn (RF)
Molina (C)
Rowand (CF)
Castillo (3B)
Burriss (SS)
Ortmeier (1B)
Lincecum (P)

Phillies Postgame: 5/5 at ARI

Phillies 11 – Diamondback 4

A great game all around from the Phillies. Jamie Moyer pitched 7 fabulous innings of baseball, allowing only 6 hits and 2 earned runs and striking out 5. The 45 year old spent the night methodically painting the plate and tricking batters. Only experience lends itself to the type of game Moyer pitched last night. Oh, by the way, he had no walks.

Moyer’s counterpart, Max Scherzer, the highly touted Dbacks prospect and fastball hurler, did not fair so well. Scherzer only lasted 4 innings, with a line of 7 H, 5 R, 2 ER, 2 BB, and 5 SO. At times he looked magical, throwing fastballs in perfect spots and catching hitters off guard. At other times he looked inexperienced and desperately in need of another pitch. Take a look at his pitch breakdown:

Through 4 innings, Scherzer pitched almost all fastballs, with the occasional slider and a couple of change ups. His fastball comes in several varieties, but if he can’t develop a curve he’s may very well be destined for the closer’s spot.

As I wrote in the pregame, this game would be sink or swim for Scherzer. The Phils have a ton of strikeouts, but also a ton of homers in this lineup. It was sink for Scherzer and walk on water for the Phils. Rather than go through each batter, let’s just put it this way: Pat Burrell was the only player without a hit. The Phillies totaled 17 hits through the game, pounding pitcher after pitcher for the Dbacks. Even Ryan Howard looked on his game last night. After two smoked balls to outfielders – one an RBI sacrifice – he finally got on the board with a hit. But really, all you need to know last night is that everybody hit.

Despite the great hitting performance, the player of the game still goes to Jamie Moyer. You’d think he was 25 if he didn’t throw like a grandma. Oh yea, he had two hits of his own, including an RBI double, and very nearly a third hit.