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Injury Roundup

Ryan Zimmerman was held out of the lineup tonight as the Nationals take on San Diego. Here’s what Zim said about his apparent shoulder injury, courtesy of Chico Harlan’s Nationals Journal:

“It’s just soreness. It’s been checked out, and they said there’s nothing structurally wrong with it. Basically just wait for [the soreness] to go away. I mean if I had to play today I probably could, but we’ve got the hottest guy playing. (A reference to Aaron Boone.) But no, it’s good. I think it just makes sense. There’s no reason to rush it. If it was August or September and we had made a move and were competing for something, there’s no doubt I would have played. But it’s kind of a risk-reward kind of thing. Do I really want to play now and risk hurting it more, or take two or three days and get it better and then have four months to play? So it just makes sense.”

Mark Kotsay missed a start tonight for the Braves with back pain and, according to Braves.com, might be placed on the DL. Kotsay, of course, has suffered from back pain many times in the past.

The Mets placed RHP Matt Wise on the DL today with right rotator cuff tendonitis, according to Mets.com. Taking his roster spot will be Carlos Muniz, the young closer for Triple-A New Orleans.

And, as reported earlier on NL Beast, Pat Burrell missed tonight’s start with apparent neck stifness.


Postgame: Mets 6-Nationals 3 [BEAST-OFF]

Much better game for the Mets tonight, as John Maine pitched very well from the start (6.0 IP, 1 ER, 1 BB, 5 SO, 1 HR). Ryan Church picked up his 30th RBI and 8th HR of the season. Brian Schneider and Jose Reyes also drove in runs.

For the Nationals, Ryan Zimmerman homered off of Maine in the third for his sixth of the season. Rob Mackowiak also drove in a run. John Lannan wasn’t great tonight, going 6 innings with 4 earned runs off of 12 hits, with a walk, two strikeouts, and a home run. Luis Ayala continued to struggle, surrendering an earned run in the eighth on two hits and a walk.

Matt Wise allowed a run in the 7th, but was still credited with a hold, as was Duaner Sanchez, who apparently still has the confidence of Willie Randolph. Billy Wagner notched his eighth save of the year.

Maine continues to be the Maine man, as the rest of the Mets pitching staff remains a wild card. Other than Johan Santana, there’s no one I’d rather see on the mound for the Amazin’s. Should be interesting tomorrow as Claudio Vargas goes against Tim Redding.

-Jonathan Kraft

Mets Roster Moves [Omar has a brain?!?]

Just when we thought that Omar was going to take the “fiscally responsible” move and demote Joe Smith to make room for a starter for tomorrow’s game, someone knocked some sense into him. Here are the roster moves made today by the Mets:

Demoted: RHP Nelson Figueroa, RHP Jorge Sosa

Promoted/Activated: RHP Claudio Vargas, RHP Matt Wise, IF Fernando Tatis

DL: OF Angel Pagan

This should be goodbye to Sosa; I’m sure there will be lots of crying by Mets fans over that. I feel bad for Figueroa but wouldn’t be at all surprised if he’s back soon unless Vargas has a great start tomorrow. Tatis has been playing extremely well in New Orleans, and deserves Pagan’s spot. Hopefully it’s nothing serious with Angel and he’s back soon. In terms of Wise, well, hopefully he can be that 6th inning reliever that the Mets have been missing all year.

-Jonathan Kraft

Postgame: Mets 12-Reds 6 (Game 1)

WP: Johan Santana (4-2, 3.10)

LP: Matt Belisle (1-3, 7.45)

Johan Santana gave up 10 hits, but it didn’t matter, as the Mets bats came to play today at Shea. Carlos Beltran drove in a season-high 5 RBIs, going 2-3 with a walk. Joining him in breaking out of offensive slumps were Carlos Delgado, who went 3-4 with a home run, and Brian Schneider, who went 2-4 with a long ball as well. Moises Alou drove in two runs, and both Ryan Church and David Wright also drove runs in.

Santana was not his dominant self, but he was still effective. Johan allowed 3 runs on 10 hits, walking 1, striking out 5, and giving up a home run to Edwin Encarnacion. Reds starter Matt Belisle did not pitch very well, pitching just 5 innings, allowing 6 runs, 5 earned, on 7 hits, walking 3 and striking out 2.

The Mets’ bullpen did not pitch well today. Aaron Heilman threw 32 pitches in the 7th, and gave up an earned run on a hit and a walk. Pedro Feliciano followed, giving up 2 earned runs on 3 hits. Jorge Sosa shut the door in the 9th, however, and did not surrender a hit.

It’s going to be a different team that takes the field tonight when Mike Pelfrey faces Bronson Arroyo in game two of this doubleheader. The possibility remains that Matt Wise will rejoin the bullpen for that game, which would require a roster move. I’m guessing that the two possibilities are a demotion for Joe Smith, which would be a shame, or a retroactive move of Angel Pagan to the DL. I’d prefer the second, but wouldn’t be surprised if Smith got sent down.

-Jonathan Kraft

Pagan’s Amazin’ Catch

Angel Pagan just made possibly the best catch I’ve ever seen. With 1 out in the bottom of the first, Andre Ethier hit a drifting foul ball towards the left foul pole. Pagan ran it down and flipped over the wall head-first into the stands, holding the ball the whole time. When he didn’t get up at first, Willie and Ray Ramirez came running out of the dugout, but Pagan soon came up smiling.

Just wait until Sportscenter tonight. Wow.

UPDATE: Pagan left the game in the third inning with “tightness in his left shoulder.” Could have been much, much worse.

UPDATE (10:30 PM): According to Adam Rubin, Pagan will have an MRI on his shoulder tomorrow. He says he felt something separate when he landed in the stands. Hope he’s ok. If not, perhaps Matt Wise could take his roster spot for now and the Mets can play with a short bench.

-Jonathan Kraft

Mets Notes [Mediocre Pitchers Edition]

As Matt Wise looks to return from his stint on the DL, the question is, who gets bumped from the bullpen?Adam Rubin outlines the possible scenarios in today’s Daily News, which include moving Jorge Sosa to the rotation and sending Nelson Figueroa down to the minors. On behalf of all Mets fans, I will throw up many, many times if that happens. My pick? Leave Figgie in the rotation, leave Joe Smith in the bullpen, and designate Sosa for assignment. If he decides not to accept the assignment, oh well, he can go grace another bullpen with his mediocrity.

Always Amazin’ has a piece today asking whether or not the Mets’ pitching woes should be blamed on The Jacket aka Rick Peterson. The piece looks at the mediocre starts for Oliver Perez and John Maine in addition to the roller coaster also known as the Mets bullpen, and asks if Peterson should be held accountable. Don’t be surprised if Rick is out of a job by June 1 if the quality of both starting and relief pitching doesn’t improve.

-Jonathan Kraft

Should Mets demote Heilman?

Mets Today posts about who Omar Minaya should send down to the minors in order to reactivate Matt Wise from the DL. Wise is ready to return, but the problem is, who stays and who goes? I’m nervous that Omar is going to send Joe Smith down, which scares me because Smith has been the Mets best bullpen pitcher so far this year.

Mets Today advocates for the optioning of Aaron Heilman, which would be nice, but it simply not realistic. Heilman would probably just decline the assignment and become a free agent, and would certainly be picked up by another team (I’m not completely sure how this process works, but I believe this is a possibility). As much as Heilman has stunk up the joint so far this year (he has given up 4 home runs in 17 appearances compared to 8 in 81 last season), there’s really just no good way to get rid of him unless Omar makes a move to trade him.

The question is, does he have any value left? It’s looking more and more like O should have traded him over the offseason. Hindsight may be 20/20, but is anyone really surprised that Heilman started this year where he left off last? I’m certainly not.

-Jonathan Kraft