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Phillies comeback and win again…err, not this time [BEAST-OFF]

I was dotting my I’s when Jimmy Rollins flied out on the first pitch to left and I was crossing my T’s when Shane Victorino grounded sharply to first for the final out. What looked like yet another comeback win was not to be. Marlins win this one 5-4 to open a three game set against the Phils.

Let’s start with the obvious. Brett Myers reverted to fecal matter tonight. After a series of somewhat respectable starts and then finally a great one last week, Myers let up 5 earned runs in only 5.1 innings pitched. 7 hits, 4 walks, 3 strike outs and 3 home runs.

I was beginning to think he was making progress but who knows? One thing is for sure, this team needs STARTING PITCHING. (ATTN: Pat Gillick and Ruben Amaro Jr., See: reality, attached). Okay, okay, let’s just blame the heat and move on…

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Beast (and least) of the East

Congrats to Chipper Jones, who becomes the second-ever two-time Beast of the East.

And shame on you Brett Myers, you’re the least of the week.

Phillies Beast (and least) of the Week

Beast: Pedro Feliz, 3B. Feliz was outstanding this week. He hit .379, going 11 for 29, with two doubles, a home run. Yes, he only had 4 RBIs, but he gets the Beast for having an outstanding May in general. For the month he is hitting .310 with 12 RBIs, a vast improvement over April’s .218. Geoff Jenkins and Shane Victorino also deserve props for excellent weeks. Jenkins hit .381 and Victorino .394, but Feliz plays every day and has had such a stellar May that he deserves the Beast this week.

Oh, did I mention Ryan Howard with 4 HRs and an average of .276 for the week?

Runners Up: Geoff Jenkins, Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino

Least: Brett Myers, RHP. I didn’t want to give it to Brett again, but no one else has really had the stand out crappiness that he manages to pull off start after start. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to witness the last two outings, and while they’re not horrendous, they’re nothing close to good either. Brett needs to get away from the team for a couple week. Phantom DL or AAA or personal time – I don’t care. The Phils have lost the last 6 Myers outings and he has a 6.67 ERA in May. Something needs to Happen soon.

Runners Down: Charlie Manuel. I can’t stand these pinch runners every game. So yes, managers are up for beast and least, too.

(Feliz pic from Darrins on Flickr; Myers pic from inherbarefeet on flickr)

Major “doo-dooing” in Houston

Brett Myers lived up to his words tonight. He threw “doo-doo” like usual. 6 innings, 4 ER, 8 hits, 4 BB, 2 SO. Something needs to happen. I don’t care if it’s a trip to the phantom DL or a stint in the minors or a trade. This can’t continue. The Phillies are not going to compete for the division with Jamie Moyer as our second best pitcher. Myers is losing trade value daily. He’s still most attractive as a closer, and many teams could use him.

Ryan Howard is a Beast. He moon shot to right-center propelled the Phils to a 3-2 lead in the 3rd. But Myers couldn’t hold back the ‘stros. Carlos Lee‘s second RBI hit of the night (3 total) tied the game in the bottom of the 5th and Mark Loretta‘s single in the bottom of the 6th gave the Astros the lead. That would be all for the night for both teams.

In the 9th, the Phillies squandered a great opportunity to tie the game – for the second night in a row. Tonight, with the bases loaded and one out, Shane Victorino hit a shallow fly ball to left. Pedro Feliz was sent after the catch. A perfect throw by Darren Erstad completed the double play and ended the game (upon which point I promptly stormed out of the stadium.)

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Houston telegram

The Beast lives, in Houston.

An interesting place down here – perhaps more interesting if the Phils were able to pull off the win last night. Luckily, the Beast was not in attendance just yet. That’s for tonight and tomorrow, my second consecutive Brett Myers and Cole Hamels starts. Perhaps this time it will be 2 for 2. Taking 3/4 from the Astros would make for a rather successful trip to the Lone Star state.

Off to the pool.

Chase Utley is already at the park.

-Greg Berlin

Beast goes to Houston

I’ll be in Houston this weekend watching the Phils take on the Astros.  I get to see Brett Myers take on Brian Moehler Saturday night and Cole Hamels take on Chris Sampson on Sunday afternoon.  I’ll be updating throughout the weekend and I’ll be sure to post pics of the Phils in Texas.

As for tonight:  Kyle Kendrick takes on Roy Oswalt in the first of a four game set.  Kendrick is coming off a virtual non-start in the rain-delayed game against the Blue Jays on Sunday.  Kendrick ended up only pitching 1 inning because of the break in action.  In his start before, however, he went 6 innings, allowing only 3 run.  The Phillies have won six of nine starts with Kendrick on the mound.

Who knows what we’ll see from the Phillies bats this weekend.  All I know is that Lance Berkman scares th *&^% out of me.

-Greg Berlin

Phillies Beast (and least) of the Week

Beast: I was torn, but decided to go with Jayson Werth over Ryan Howard. A three homer game can’t be looked over. Not too mention a total of 12 RBIs on the week. Not too shabby.

Runners Up: Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels, Chris Coste

Least: We’ll count last night, just because. It’s Brett Myers. A 8 run, 6 earned outing followed by last night’s lackluster 3 ER performance. This is a really a Least award building over the season. We get it Brett, you don’t want to be a starter. But for now, you have to find a way to contribute to this team every fifth day.

Runners Down: So Taguchi, Ryan Madson

-Greg Berlin