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Revealing piece on Phils’ ownership

Richard Rys of Philly magazine wrote a massive, and terrific, piece on the Phillies ownership.  Five silent partners, who meet 4 times a year to discuss the state of the team.  A team where friendship is valued more than performance and where caution always is weighed above risk.

It seems we get these ownership exposés about once a year.  But this is the best piece I’ve ever read about the lackluster owners we know nothing about.  I keep waiting for that deadline deal that will put us over the top.  Alas, I should resign myself to that never happening.


-Greg Berlin


Bienvenidos nuestros amigos

The power of the internet never ceases to amaze me. The ability to communicate with people on the other side of the world or on the other side of the street–simultaneously–is mindblowing, and something we take for granted every day.

A couple days ago, in checking the statistics on this blog–who’s accessing it, from where, and what are they reading–in order to assess our progress on the site, I noticed that more than a few viewers were being directed from a forum on the official site of Tigres de Licey, the most prestigious baseball team in the Dominican Republic. I wouldn’t have known what this was, except for having been to the Dominican twice, a country where it’s impossible to escape baseball. Apparently, in searching for the Jose Reyes Sportscenter commercial (Jose is a Dominican native, and a superstar on the island), the Licey fans stumbled upon NL Beast.

So in the spirit of globalization and promotion of baseball around the world, bienvenidos a Bestia de Liga Nacional, nuestros amigos del Republico Dominicana.

-Jonathan Kraft

Beast (and least) of the East

Congrats to Jorge Cantu, who gets the nod this week as Beast of the East.

And let’s shake our collective head at Jason Bergmann, whose abysmal performance awards him the distinction of least of the East.

We’re still here

As many of you might have noticed, isn’t quite as active as it used to be. We’re currently going through a transformation period. With increasingly time-consuming day jobs that don’t really lend themselves to blogging at work, it’s become difficult to post as frequently as we used to. That being said, we’re still planning on continuing NL Beast, just as a different sort of blog. Expect less news and more analysis. That’s the beauty of blogging; it augments other media so that there is no need to report on everything. We’re still new to this, so if anyone has a suggestion or two, please feel free to drop us a line in our comment section.

-The Beast Writers

Speaking of Utley…

From the 700 level:

Everyone Loves Chase Utley

And for a good reason.

Utley leads all NL players with 537,788 votes, and it isn’t even close. Utley is more than 100,000 votes ahead of the next most popular player, Astros first baseman Lance Berkman (329,723). But Utley is the only Phillies player leading at his position, which tells me that he’s getting votes from all NL precincts, not just Philadelphia.

>>Early All Star Returns [Scott Lauber]

3 in a row?

-Greg Berlin

Chase Utley leads the league in home runs

17, as of five minutes ago. Chut is a BEAST.

Oh, and Geoff Jenkins just hit one, too. 6-1 Phils.

UPDATE: Just looked and Utley’s tied for first with Lance Berkmann at 46 RBIs. Damn!

-Greg Berlin


I’m not sure if this fits into a category, but Deadspin has a must-read about Ryan Howard from the perspective of an unsuspecting rookie journalist.

-Greg Berlin