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Willie Randolph, Peterson, Nieto fired

I went to sleep content with a nice road win in Los Angeles of Anaheim or whatever. I woke up to the news that Willie Randolph, Tom Nieto, and Rick Peterson had been fired after the game. I had just completed my “Save Willie” post before going to bed, and had no idea that it would be so obsolete so soon. Why in the world would Omar Minaya fly those three coaches across the country only to tell them that they were out of a job after a win?!?!? Just like Omar’s roster moves, this is unprofessional and offensive.

I spent last night writing why Willie Randolph should have been saved. For those reasons and now for this mess, I am livid at this team. As far as I’m concerned, they’ve given up on the year. Maybe the Mets management should have taken a cue from the Mariners, who yesterday dismissed GM Bill Bavasi, correctly placing the blame on the management, not the manager, for the team’s poor record.

Jerry Manuel, who will replace Willie as Interim Manager, is a likeable guy, but his demeanor is no different from Randolph’s passive composure. We’re not exactly getting the second coming of Lou Pinella here. The Mets better find an acceptable replacement for Willie soon, or a lot more people are going to be out of a job.

-Jonathan Kraft


Beast in da House

I’ll be at the House that Mediocrity Built tonight to see the Mets take on Josh Hamilton and the Texas Rangers. I’m expecting a terrible game, as Oliver Perez and his lack of command take on Hamilton, Michael Young, David Murphy, Milton Bradley, and a whole lot of other guys who are hitting the cover off the of the ball, believe it or not. I’ll be the guy in the David Wright pinstripe jersey shaking his head for eight and two-thirds of the gameĀ (gotta beat traffic!) and yelling obscenities at Oliver Perez, Rick Peterson, Willie Randolph, Carlos Delgado, you get the idea.

-Jonathan Kraft

Mets Beast (and least) of the week

This really pains me because the Mets have played so badly the past week that, to be quite honest, there is no real “Beast.” This past week, the Mets collectively hit .214, 24th in Major League Baseball. The Mets ERA was 5.40, 26th in baseball. But I’m obligated to give the Beast of the Week distinction to someone, so here goes.

The Mets Beast of the Week is OF Nick Evans. After being promoted from Double-A, Evans doubled three times in his debut Sunday and has apparently won the starting position in left field for now. The 22-year-old will surely return to the minors as soon as either Angel Pagan or Moises Alou comes off of the DL. But for now, it’s a good story amidst a whole lot of bad ones.

Runners-Up: Cowbell Man, Mr. Met, SNY’s ratings

I’m tempted to say that the least of the week is the rest of the team, but that’s a bit too dramatic for my taste. So I’ll single out the biggest culprit in the abysmal play that has plagued the Mets of late, and that is pitching coach Rick Peterson. This is a first on NL Beast–giving the least of the week distinction to a coach. I’ve been a Peterson supporter, but the statistics do not lie; the Mets pitching staff is abysmal. For the week, the Mets pitching staff was 1-6 with a 5.40 ERA, walking 32 and striking out 29, allowing opponents to hit .281. The supposedly elite pitching staff has been mediocre to say the least, and was just plain awful last week.

Runners-down: Brian Schneider, Oliver Perez, Mike Pelfrey

-Jonathan Kraft

Ugly Mets

More to come on this in the morning, but the Mets lost their fourth straight tonight in Atlanta as Johan Santana couldn’t prevent the surging Braves lineup from overtaking the struggling New York club. The Mets have now lost seven of their last ten, have a losing record, and are 4.5 back of the Marlins (who beat Dan Haren tonight after beating Brandon Webb yesterday). It may not yet be time to panic, but it’s getting close. The fans are frustrated, the players are frustrated, the manager is frustrated, and one has to believe that the owners are frustrated, as well.

The Mets head to Colorado now to take on the struggling Rockies. The fate of Willie Randolph could very well rest on how the team performs in the next three games. Let’s not forget that the only reason why the Mets are still competative in the division is because of similarly mediocre play by the Braves and Phillies. Both of those teams seem to be turning a corner. The Mets are not following suit. A change has to be made, and the manager is the first one to go. Ultimately, the blame might rest on Willie, it might rest on Rick Peterson, it might rest on Howard Johnson, it might rest on Omar Minaya. But the manager is the one who is held accountable at the end of the day for the performance of his team on the field. Right now, that performance is unacceptable. As much as I like Willie, he’s a lame duck in my eyes. The blame might rest elsewhere, but it’s time for a change, and the first step has to be replacing Willie Randolph as manager.

-Jonathan Kraft

Mets Notes [Mediocre Pitchers Edition]

As Matt Wise looks to return from his stint on the DL, the question is, who gets bumped from the bullpen?Adam Rubin outlines the possible scenarios in today’s Daily News, which include moving Jorge Sosa to the rotation and sending Nelson Figueroa down to the minors. On behalf of all Mets fans, I will throw up many, many times if that happens. My pick? Leave Figgie in the rotation, leave Joe Smith in the bullpen, and designate Sosa for assignment. If he decides not to accept the assignment, oh well, he can go grace another bullpen with his mediocrity.

Always Amazin’ has a piece today asking whether or not the Mets’ pitching woes should be blamed on The Jacket aka Rick Peterson. The piece looks at the mediocre starts for Oliver Perez and John Maine in addition to the roller coaster also known as the Mets bullpen, and asks if Peterson should be held accountable. Don’t be surprised if Rick is out of a job by June 1 if the quality of both starting and relief pitching doesn’t improve.

-Jonathan Kraft

Wagner criticizes Perez on radio show [Billy’s Big Mouth]

We all knew that Billy wouldn’t be able to keep his mouth shut for very long on his weekly segment on 1050 ESPN Radio. Yesterday, he unloaded on Oliver Perez. “You’ve got to have that willpower to go back out there and fight,” Wagner said. “Perez has got to honestly step up and realize that we’ve just used every guy in our bullpen the night before. He can’t come out there and decide that gee, he hasn’t got it today, and so be it.

There are two sides to this. For one, I agree with Billy about Oli’s performance yesterday. We all know that once Oli gets into trouble he loses it mentally and breaks down on the mound. I said in my pregame report yesterday that Oli needed to go 6 innings to take the stress off of the pen. 1.2 is not getting the job done by any means. Without these mental lapses, Perez is a great pitcher. I don’t know what the Jacket needs to do to fix this, but something has to be done–we can’t have these breakdowns every 5th start.

But as frustrating as this is, Billy should not have said this on the radio. As a leader in the clubhouse, your job is to support your teammates, not vocally criticize them on air. Maybe this isn’t a surprise, since Billy has always been known to think out loud, but it’s disappointing and classless.

-Jonathan Kraft