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The “Save Willie” Post

Everyone is throwing their two cents in on the Willie Randolph controversy, so I guess I should add my perspective. I’ve avoided comment on Willie’s situation for some time now because, in reality, there is no easy answer here. Fire Willie, and, yes, the demons of last year might be exorcised. But on the flip side, a mid-year managerial shakeup could drive the team apart. Of course, it has been extensively reported that the Mets clubhouse is divisive as it is, so maybe this wouldn’t hurt as much as it could.

If I have to pick a side, and I feel like I do, I’m more on the “Keep Willie” side. It’s not that I have complete confidence in the manager. I agree with Willie’s critics that he doesn’t motivate the team enough. I’ve commented on his poor managerial decisions in the past. But, ultimately, the responsibility for this year’s mediocre play, in my view (and I know a lot of people will disagree with me here) belongs to Omar Minaya, not Willie.

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Braves and Marlins Wrapup – 5/8

Braves 5 – Padres 4

The Braves hot, hot, hot! They finished off a perfect homestand (6-0) with a late rally against the Padres. The Braves were down 4-1 going into the 6th when a pinch hit single from Greg Norton drove in Mark Kotsay and Matt Diaz. In the 7th, Yunel Escobar scored on a wild pitch by Heath Bell, tying the game at 4-4. Come the 9th, the braves loaded the bases on two singles, a ground out, and an intentional walk. Diaz finished things off with a single to left field, scoring Escobar for the win.

Marlins 7 – Brewers 2

The Marlins are just hot, hot! Before a rousing crowd of 12,321, the Fish pounded the Brewcrew with two homers, a two-run shot by Jorge Cantu in first and a three-run shot by Matt Treanor in the 5th. Cantu deserves notice. He’s having a respectable year at third, hitting .280 with 5 HR, 14 RBI and an .813 OPS.

The Marlins have won four in a row and have sole possession of first place with the Phillies loss and their win.