Nationals make The Onion

From The Onion:

An 8,976-foot foul ball off the bat of Washington third baseman Ryan Zimmerman crashed through the U.S. Capitol Building rotunda Sunday afternoon, prompting both the Nationals and the opposing Pittsburgh Pirates to gasp, turn to each other in shock, and immediately run full speed out of Nationals Park.

“As soon as I hit it, I knew it was headed straight toward Capitol Hill—I just kept saying to myself, ‘Not the dome, not the dome, not the dome,'” Zimmerman said.

“We are so dead,” Zimmerman added.

Later in the article:

The statement went on to demand that the Nationals pay for all the damages, which total over $400 million—more than five times the entire team payroll. Because of this, players are expected to either find part-time jobs to cover the cost or work off the expenses by taking positions as congressional aides in the offseason.

The Pirates have promised to chip in $5, claiming that is all they have right now.


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