Back on the train! (Phils win 8-4)

9:54 pm
Phils win! Kendrick pitches an ideal start, bullpen is strong again, Howard gets one over the fence. Things are looking good Phillies fans. That’s 6 out of 7. And the Flyers tie up the series!

9:31 pm
Kendrick coming out after a respectable 5th-starter 7 inning, 4 run, 7 hit outing. A homer and a single did it for Kendrick in the 8th.

8:08 pm
Deja vu? HBP, bun, single, double = 6-2. A lot of innings to go. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you about last night’s 6 run lead that was almost blown…

7:57 pm
Make that 6-0.

And just like that, Howard is back on the train! 2-run dinger and a quick 5-0 lead for the Phils

(Anyone else in Philly freaking out? Flyers, Birds draft trades, and Phillies. What to watch!)


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